Gulabikantha Trek

Gulabikantha trek is beautiful trek. It offers the magnificent view of mauntains and Forest's. Post monsoon season till October wild flowers and green velvet grasses can be seen, whom to look at is a wonderful feeling in itself. And after October snow falls on this trek, and even in this season people do not leave to enjoy here. In this season you can do the whole trek with snow, and then the beauty here gets bigger.

When you reach on the gulabikantha peak the scene becomes more amazing, because looking at all the mountain garlands from here, it seems as if there is a heaven somewhere. When you reach here white sheet of snow is seen all around. And peace so much that you can even hear the sound of your breath.

Here you also get to see Manny birds and wild animals. You can also see and feel the lifestyle of hill villages here. And can also enjoy the hill dishes.

This trek is not much popular , but it is full of natural beauty.